[Charles Baverstock]

Charles Baverstock – Owner / Operator

Charles started Stonebridge Operations Incorporated in 2009.  In 2010 he was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  In 2011 he was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and won the category of Construction and Manufacturing.

Charles has been involved with facility management for over 7 years.  He assists facilities in finding areas of improvement and savings.  Becoming an Alliance Member with BC Hydro,  allowed him to show residential strata corporations, and businesses ways to reduce facility maintenance while improving overall energy savings, through small upgrades.

He started his career as a facility manager with Providence Healthcare and managed several of their sites:  Brock Fahrni, Youville Residence, and Langara Residence. He went on to manage Mount St. Joseph’s Hospital and Holy Family Hospital. Charles worked closely with the Planning Department of Providence Healthcare, overseeing and managing several of the smaller projects that the hospitals were undertaking. He was part of the Occupational Health & Safety Committees, and Energy Preparedness Committee at each site. He was also part of the 2008 Accreditation Committee for all of Providence Healthcare. In his time with Providence he estimates his efforts in the first year contributed to a cost savings of $50,000 for three of the sites. Lighting and equipment audits at other sites increased energy savings by at least 10%.

Charles continued on to work in the privatized healthcare sector managing facilities for the Ahmon Group: Morgan Place, Fleetwood Place and Laurel Place.  Energy audits done at two of these facilities created electrical savings of over $10,000 per year per facility, by upgrading the current lighting to more energy efficient bulbs and ballasts. While with Laurel Place Charles was responsible for developing their Emergency Response Plan.

Charles has been involved in the renovation and construction for the last 15 years, the majority of that time being in the electrical field.

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